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For selected clips of the key stories of the day choose our Highlights product,bringing you the latest UK news, as well as sport and entertainment footage, plus those quirky stories we all love. Edited clips of approx 2-4 mins duration, with new clips added throughout each day, all with natural sound so you can add your own commentary as required.



Syndication Services


If you need a more comprehensive service ITN Source News can provide complete Reporter packages, either with commentary or with natural sound only, enabling you to integrate our content into your own news programmes. In addition ITN can offer live coverage of news events, whether that be breaking news, planned Prime Ministerial press conferences, or the Royal family out and about on royal engagements and an extensive selection of unedited footage - all available to incorporate into your own news programming. Technical delivery is available via local ends, satellite or digital files.



ITN has a fleet of SNG trucks based in London and various locations around the UK, as well as being able to offer studio hire, ranging from a single camera studio for a guest down the line, to a fully operational Virtual Reality studio. Plug in and play wallboxes are also bookable at key locations such as Downing Street, Westminster and the Old Bailey. We also offer use of our newsroom camera for livespots 24/7, with connectivity for all services either via local ends at the BT Tower or via satellite.

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