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The Experts who'll take care of you

Expert, attentive and focused. The team at ITN Source News know that they have to deliver for you. They understand the pressures you work under, and know that responding fast is critical. By getting to know your business, your market and your needs, they will keep you informed of the most relevant stories.

  • Fiona Dodd - ITN Source News

    Fiona Dodd

    Head of News Syndication

    Fiona Dodd has been Head of ITN Source News since April 2007. With over 20 years of newsroom experience, she has an innate understanding of the needs of news companies and global broadcasters. Fiona has a great eye for compelling stories and having developed long-standing relationships with ITN's key partner broadcasters, affiliates, and senior editorial teams at ITN, she can ensure you get the news you need, when you need it.

  • Lance Chinnian - ITN Source News

    Lance Chinnian

    Deputy News Editor

    Lance joined ITN Source News in 2009 after 10 years with the Financial Times Group and Penguin Books. His newsroom experience and ability to meet tight deadlines, means Lance is able to build on his track record for delivering high quality services that help you manage your news agenda, picture requirements and technical needs.

  • Shakira Richardson - ITN Source News

    Shakira Richardson-Wilks


    Shakira has been part of the ITN Source News Team since 2007 and has special responsibility for planning, she can help with your inquiries, ensuring your needs are integrated into our planning process from the start. In addition to tackling any day-to-day queries with enthusiasm, Shakira also supports our clients in the field, ensuring that livespots for affiliates and clients go without a hitch, whether that's at Buckingham Palace, a political party conference or at a breaking news location.

  • Matt Blair

    Deputy News Editor

    With more than 15 years of newsroom experience, gained at organisations including ABC and Bloomberg, Matt's technical know-how coupled with his editorial awareness means he intuitively identifies the best shots to tell your story. This first-hand knowledge of your need for footage makes him an integral part of the ITN Source News team.

  • Charlotte Smith


    Charlotte Smith has worked for ITN Source News for more than 10 years, building up a great rapport with ITN Source News 's existing clients, and ensuring their news requirements are met effectively. Her in-depth knowledge of all aspects of ITN Source News services, is crucial in maintaining a high standard of service on a daily basis.

  • Chris Sinclair

    Video Journalist

    Chris has been the ITN Source News Video Journalist since 2011, covering a huge and varied number of news events. With 8 years’ experience at ITN in various editor and production roles, his footage is shot, knowing what makes the story for you. Chris has an exceptional eye for artistic detail at exhibitions as well the skill to catch critters at their best at wildlife events, but his true specialism is sports news. He covers the main Premier League football clubs in the London area, plus Champions and Europa League press conferences as well as Rugby, Cricket , Boxing and many other sports.

  • Louee Dessent-Jackson

    Assistant News Editor

    Louee began freelancing for ITN Source News after completing an MPhil at Oxford University in 2014. After proving his editorial astuteness working on major news events such as the 2015 General Election and birth of Princess Charlotte, he is now a fully-fledged member of the team with the technical knowledge and enthusiasm needed to maintain the highest standards of service. Louee also continues to write freelance for several major publications including Men’s Health and FHM.

  • Moheddine Ben-Aribia

    Assistant News Editor

    Moheddine joined ITN Source News having previously been based with the ITV News’s Special Events Dept, as well as the ITV Home and Foreign News Desks. He has worked on high-profile projects including the Diamond Jubilee, 2012 Olympic Games, 2014 Scottish Referendum and 2015 General Election. Experience in the newsroom with breaking news, as well as planned major events, ensures Moheddine has the skill to spot the most dynamic stories and provide the best content for ITN Source News clients.

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